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Workouts That You Can Do If You Only Have 5 Minutes

Workouts That You Can Do If You Only Have 5 Minutes

We hear this a lot, statements like “I’m too busy for gym” or “With work, kids; I barely get any sleep, let alone spare time to work out”. Yes even if deep down you know the lack of exercise is killing you and that you’d love to do something else outside of work and family that’s healthy at the same time, the fact remains that time flies, not just when having fun, but also when you have a lot to do.

But, wait! Don’t give up yet! Here are some exercises that you can actually squeeze into your hectic schedule. A five minute workout is better than nothing right? And the best thing about these workouts is that you can do them anywhere and you won’t need any fancy gym equipment.

Mountain Climbers

All you have to do is drop on the floor and be on a push up position, contract your abs and then alternately bring you knees closer to the chest. This can really tone your core, especially if you try to speed up your pace.

Split Leg Squats

This is a great exercise to work your glutes, quads, back of your legs, and your calves. To do this, position one foot in front to go down into a lunge. Then switch feet as you jump up with your arms going up as you jump then down as you drop.

Squat Jumps

Make sure you have a good basic squat mechanics before doing squat jumps. From squat, you basically just have to jump it from there. Your landing should be slow and controlled so that your legs will absorb the jump not your joints. Exhale as you jump up, and then inhale as you jump down and use your hands to propel yourself.  While regular squats are great, squat jumps takes the game a notch higher without taking much time but targets your quads just as effectively if not more.


Okay, this looks easy but when get down to it your whole body will swear right along as you sweat! This is a full body exercise that can really get your heart pumping even in just 5 minutes. So this is how you do it:
1.    Squat position
2.    Squat thrust
3.    Push up
4.    Frog jump
5.    Jump squat

Jumping Jacks

We probably all know what jumping jacks are. But, the trick to really reap its benefits is to do it as fast as you can go, then you’d feel the burn after a couple of rounds.

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