Monday, 9 October 2017

What To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

What To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight

When people try to shed pounds, the automatic action is to restrict certain foods in their diets. But this mindset only makes your body feel deprived which will only result to relapse in your diet in the long run. Why not think about the foods that you can eat that can give your body what it really needs while helping it lose weight?

✔ Watermelon
If you have sweet tooth, instead of grabbing artificial sweets, opt for a juicy fruit like watermelon. It will serve the same purpose and provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties at the same time.

✔ Cucumber
We know cucumber has high water content which gives the feeling of fullness but won’t pack on pounds because it’s a low-calorie food. Plus it has vitamin K that helps with blood clotting.

✔ Apples
The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” couldn’t be truer. This fruit is packed on fiber that helps slow down body’s breakdown of carbohydrates and absorption of sugar. As a result it helps control blood sugar. Aside from that, it’s great for those who suffer constipation as it promotes movement of material through digestive system.  

✔ Berries
It’s high in fiber and rich in antioxidants. Aside from that, it has low glycaemic index which is known for preventing blood sugar level from spiking and crashing.

✔ Vegetables
Most veggies have high water content while some have high fiber content. Both of these are good when trying to drop pounds since it helps you feel full longer and helps cleanse your digestive system.

✔ Tomatoes
This fruit also help your satiety because of its high water content. It comes with vitamins A, C, and antioxidant lycopene that is not only good for the heart but also lessen risks of some cancers.

✔ Green Tea
Instead of coffee, why not reach for a cup of green tea? It’s not only calories-free, but is also full of antioxidants, improves cardiovascular health, decreases inflammation, and controls hunger pangs while hydrating your system.

✔ Celery
Do you know why models snack on celery? That’s because it’s a vegetable that reduces bad cholesterol, it contains “good” salts, which is organic, natural, and essential to health unlike table salt that retains water in your body, has diuretic and cleansing properties, and only contains 10% calories!

✔ Grapefruit
By including even just a half of grapefruit in your breakfast, you’ll be able to keep hunger pangs at bay which means you won’t feel the need to snack in the middle of the morning.

✔ Kale
No, the hype about Kale is not over-rated. It actually helps your lose weight! How? Well, it has low calorie content, it suppresses your hunger, and it is a nutrient-dense food, which means your body gets the energy that it needs without negative effects like eating fried foods.

It’s important that to be healthy, you must focus on getting fit not just becoming thin. So instead of constantly trying to depriving your body of foods, try focusing on providing necessary nutrients for your body. Aside from that, it’s also possible that the reason why you’re not losing weight is because you think that you only have to do one thing to make it happen which is go on a diet. What you may not realize is that losing weight and keeping that weight off relies on maintaining as healthy lifestyle. This is why chiropractic care aims to treat the body on a holistic level, meaning its goal is to not only provide immediate relief from issues such as back pain, but to help the body heal and manage itself from the inside out, so it's less likely to face other health issues such as weight gain.

Chiropractors in Singapore now incorporate weight loss, nutrition, and exercise counseling into their treatments because losing weight won't just reduce back pain and other musculoskeletal symptoms, it will slash your risk of a number of medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. So remember, it’s not just about the numbers you see on the scales so don’t just aim to be thin, you should instead work towards improving your overall health and you’ll see how everything just falls into place including your weight.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

5 Tips From Top Trainers To Quickly Improve Your Athletic Performance

5 Tips From Top Trainers To Quickly Improve Your Athletic Performance

Whether you work out for fun or to stay fit and healthy, you must want to up your game in some way or another. To do that, here are some tips to take your fitness to the next level which can help you Build muscle, gain speed, and improve agility.

1.      Relax And Release
Massage from a therapist or self-massage AKA self-myofascial release (SMR) with foam rollers, massage sticks and even baseballs can reduce muscle stiffness, promote circulation and induce a state of relaxation in the muscle, although research has been equivocal. It might be painful during, but SMR can be performed the night of a hard workout to remove scar tissue, adhesions in the muscle and restrictions in the fascia (a type of connective tissue that wraps around the whole body).
2.      Activate Your Muscles
Warm Up is just as important as the workout itself. So, just as you need to complete an exercise to the last count, you need to do the same to your workout. Don’t cut it short thinking you’ll get the same benefits in the actual exercise. Know that your body can’t go from 0 intensity and blast into 10; you have to ease into it. And you do that by warming up for at least 15 minutes before going right into your work sets. If you do this, you’ll notice that you’re more flexible and you don’t feel as strained to exercise. Bands do wonders for your body. Muscles contract and react to the band’s resistance, which gives you the ability to stabilize joints.

3.      Sleep
Aside from not being able to train at your best, lack of sleep inhibits your body’s ability to store glycogen, increases your body’s level of cortisol, and create damage in your growth hormones. All of these affect muscle growth. Getting enough sleep allows your body to repair muscles and keep your hormone levels up. So basically, sleeping is your body’s way of going into repair mode. Therefore, as you become renewed when you wake up, you are able to train harder and better.

4.      Keep Yourself Hydrated
When trying to work on a goal body, people tend to focus a lot on their workout routine and diet plan, so much that they miss out on hydration. You need to keep yourself hydrated not only because it helps you from feeling overheated but also because drinking water helps regain energy and because your body needs liquid to avoid your muscles from drying out which can affect your muscle growth.

5.      Opt For Active Recovery
Not giving your body time off from training can over exhaust your muscles, especially if you always do high intensity workouts, and lead to plateau. But if the idea of idling around doesn’t sit well with you either, better incorporate low-intensity exercises like walking and swimming in between your regular high-intensity ones. This way, you get to stay active without overdoing it.

If you are going to take the time to exercise, then you probably want to get the most out of the time you are in the gym. It’s important to remember that to achieve this it doesn’t just mean going to the gym is enough, it also mean you should be doing it right.

One way that people are finding to be beneficial for getting the most of their fitness routine is through chiropractic care. That’s because it helps reduce the pain by keeping your spine in alignment, opens your range of motion since properly aligned spine allows the joints and other areas of the body to work more efficiently, and strengthens bones and muscles because when your back is aligned that’s less stress and extra work for your bones, muscles, and joints which results to them being able to do their job better.

Having said those, it would be a smart move to seek chiropractic care every after exercising especially in a tropical country like Singapore. This way you’re not just maximizing your effort and results in working out but you can also avoid getting injured while doing so. You may be able to get your health in tip top shape and gain the maximum benefits from your exercise routine with the help of chiropractors in Singapore as well as set you up for long term health and wellness.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Causes Of Lower Back Pain And Chiropractic Care

Hectic work schedule, chaotic family life, crazy partying, trying to look perfect in social media. Nowadays, the demands of modern living can really take a toll on your health, no wonder most people are complaining about lower back pain.         
However, while the stress of daily living can no doubt bring all sorts of pain to your body, sometimes low back pains are also due to health conditions. Here are some most common causes of low back pain.


Also known as misalignments. This means some vertebrae in the spine are not in their normal position. Unless these subluxations gets corrected or adjusted by a chiropractor, it will continually cause pain. Aside from pain, misalignments can also lead to systematic dysfunction and disease.

Disc Herniation

This condition may not show symptoms like lower back pain. However, it may bring intense and debilitating pain in other parts of your body. What’s worst is that it doesn’t heal completely but you can prevent it from deteriorating further by seeking regular chiropractic care.  

Sprain, Strain, And Spasm

If you’re the type of person who has little to no physical activity during weekdays, then tries to do extreme ones during the weekends, you’ve probably experienced this already. Overworking your muscles and ligaments leads to small tears in the tissues and cause sprain, strain, or spasm. Consult a Chiropractor here in Singapore for early detection and treatment.


As mentioned above, with the modern lifestyle majority of us have nowadays, stress will be a part of your life too. While a little stress is a good motivation, too much of it can lead to muscles becoming weak, sore, and loaded with trigger points which often materialize as low back pain. If this is your case, knowing how to take a break is often the key. If there’s no sign of improvement, time to consult a professional.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors in Singapore are aware how fast-paced life is in the Lion City which often results to people suffering from low back pain. But through spinal manipulation, the pain can be relieved, it also gets to the root cause of the problem, and prevents it from coming back. Therefore, you longer have to live with pain relying on painkillers that just numbs the pain without actually treating the problem itself.  

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Athletes And Other Celebrity On Chiropractic Care

Athletes And Other Celebrity On Chiropractic Care

Just when you think chiropractic care is exclusive to back pain sufferers and is not really a known form of alternative medicine, here are some famous personalities to prove you wrong.  

Tiger Woods, American Professional Golfer
“I’ve been going to a Chiropractor for as long as I can remember. It is as important to my training as the practice of my swing.”

Could you imagine how would his swings be if chiropractic care wasn’t a part of his routine?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hollywood Actor And Former Mr. Universe
“Chiropractors are miracle workers”

If his spine weren’t in good shape, lifting all those weights to build his body which won him Mr. Universe back in 1969 would be next to impossible.

Mel Gibson, American Actor And Filmmaker
"Chiropractic is about health and fitness. Chiropractic is about natural, preventive health care. What you are doing, and I have experienced this for the last 30 years myself on my own body, means that whenever I have a problem—or even if I don’t have a problem—and I go to a chiropractor, my problems are gone for a long time."

Chiropractic care is not only about relieving pain, it’s also about health maintenance.

Marlo Thomas, American Actress, Producer, And Social Activist
“Chiropractic solved my neck and shoulder pains; it put me back on my feet. I think chiropractic is great!”

Neck and shoulder pain doesn’t have to be endured because chiropractic don’t just eases the pain but also goes to the root of the problem and eliminate it.

Peter Fonda, American Actor
“Regular chiropractic adjustments go hand in hand with good health.”

Eating healthy and exercising is good, but combines it with chiropractic adjustments will give you great results.

Melvin Belli, Prominent American Lawyer
“I had headaches for over 30 years until I tried chiropractic. They have completely disappeared.”

Aside from treating neck, shoulders, and back pain, chiropractic can also help with headaches, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, premenstrual discomfort, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.

Lou Waters, CNN Today
“I like to go to the Chiropractor at least once a week and have done for the past 20 – 25 years. I feel better when I go; I have more energy”

Always feeling tired? Go for regular chiropractic adjustments and you’ll start feeling and having more energy.

Dan O ’Brien, Double Olympic And World Championship Decathlon Gold Medalist.
“You obviously can’t compete at your fullest if you’re not in alignment. And your body cannot heal if your back is not in alignment”

Proper alignment in your spine is crucial so that your body can function well and to allow your body’s natural healing process.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Top 8 Things That You Should Know In Order To Do Push Up More Effectively

Top 8 Things That You Should Know In Order To Do Push Up More Effectively

Push up is one of the most difficult forms of exercises out there. In fact, some people still struggle with it even if they’ve been doing it for some time. While others just don’t do it because for some reason they’re arms gives easily or they can’t push themselves up at all. However, it is also a great full body workout that can really train your muscles to work together and become stronger. If you’re still determined to reap the benefits of this work out, but like many others still find it difficult, here are some tips that may make it easier and effective for you.  

1.      Tighten Your Core
One of the reasons why it’s so hard for people to do it is because they rely on their arms alone to do all the work. In this case, you’ll naturally feel like your back is dragging you down. What you can do is engage your core fully so that your body is perfectly still. With this posture, this movement becomes easier to execute.

2.      Turn Your Hands Out
Your hands are crucial for support as well as how your arms, shoulders, and elbows will move. If they’re not coherent when it comes to their movement, it can put a lot of strain on your wrist. Try rotating your hands outward until your index finger is pointing forward and you’ll notice the difference.

3.      Dig Your Fingers Into The Ground
Instead of letting your finger lay flat on the ground, how about you dig your fingers as if you’re grabbing onto it for support. This will engage your forearm muscles more for added support and reduce the strain on your wrist.

4.      Focus On Your Butt
Always remember that your back should always be neutral, not arching up or dragging down. To be able to achieve this posture, focus on your butt. Adjust your butt to engage your hips and core for better posture. This way you engage your core better and shift the weight correctly.

5.      Keep Your Head Up
Beginners often feel like they have to look down while doing push-ups. However, when it comes to push up, it’s important that you keep your spine straight, which includes your neck. So, keep your neck muscles relaxed but your head firmly in place to reduce risk of strain.

6.      Less May Be More
When working out, it’s crucial not to be cocky. Instead of forcing a lot of counts, it’s always best to focus on perfect posture first. In this case it’s better to do 3 perfect push-ups instead of 10 push-ups with bad posture.  Once you’ve mastered the posture, then you can add reps as you go. It’s also important that you visit your chiropractor regularly for injury prevention and treatment which often happens when working out.

7.      Spread Your Hands
Most instructors will tell you to put your hands directly beneath your shoulders to perform a push-up. But that could actually strain your wrists and reduce your range of motion. Although chiropractic care is a great treatment for musculoskeletal injuries like this, it’s still best to avoid it as much as possible. Instead, spread your hands just slightly wider than shoulder width. You'll find the muscle engagement and ease of motion will improve with a wider hand placement.

8.      Do It Daily
You can’t expect yourself to be good at push-ups at one try. Like anything else, you become better by doing it frequently. This way you also build the strength necessary to be able to pull off perfect push-ups. Do a 30-day challenge, starting with 1 push-up on Day 1 and adding one more for each day. By the end of those 30 days, you'll be much stronger!

These seemingly simple tricks can make a huge difference in your push-up performance. It also helps that you keep your body in check for possible underlying issues that may be making push up harder for you like spinal subluxation or shoulder/elbow problem. If you happen to get a little sore, that’s obviously normal especially if you’re a beginner in doing push-ups chiropractic adjustment can help you with pain relief as well as treating spinal subluxation.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Top 6 Mistakes You’re Probably Making If You’re A Newbie In Working Out

Deciding to go to the gym is a great start to fitness, but we all know that the real hard work is just about to begin. This stage is can be daunting as it is; don’t make it more difficult by making these newbie mistakes at the gym! Dig in to avoid them and enjoy your gains!

1. Lacking Focus

Going to the gym and mindlessly trying every machine available doesn’t cut it. Yes, you can still get a good sweat from that, but if that’s all you’re after you might as well just go for a jog at the park. Or sometimes, you’re looking at different workout programs at once and you get overwhelmed about when to do what program.

If you want to see the results that you actually want, you have to have a clear goal and just focus on one workout that targets a few areas at a time. Schedule your workouts. If you’re planning to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, then designate a different program for each day.

2. Neglecting To Keep Track Of Progress

You may think that this isn’t necessary because you can easily take note mentally, but not really. Results or the lack thereof when it comes to workout gains are not as evident especially when you’re still a newbie. So it can be hard to figure out where you’re lacking, what you’re doing wrong, or what to improve on.

To help you know when you need to work certain muscle groups over others, whether or not you should be progressing to the next level of certain exercises and to help  you have more set plan and focus on your workouts, keeping some sort of tracking system for your workouts is a must.

3. Trying To Do Too Much Too Soon

At first, you can’t wait to get to the gym every day and pack on muscles. But if you work out every day while trying to up your intensity level, you’ll find yourself bored so you end up skipping one too many times or getting injured which leaves you with no choice but to put your workout on hold for treatment and recuperation. Although chiropractic care is an effective way to address these types of injury, it still would have been better to avoid injury at all cost. Remember that your body needs at least 2 days off in every 7 days of exercising to allow your body to heal, rebuild itself stronger and bigger.

4. Ignoring Proper Exercise Form

Most of the time, people who are new to the gym are most concerned about lifting heavy weights instead of their form while executing any exercises. This is because they feel pressured to keep up with what everybody at the gym is lifting already, not realizing the fact that those individuals are more likely been going to the gym for months if not years.

If you’re a beginner, hiring a trainer for at least a couple of session is a good idea to get all proper techniques down. So that in you can do them right even if you’re alone later on. This way you can avoid injury and gain as much as you should from any given exercises.

5. Doing Stretch Holds Before A Workout

This practice tends to sedate the muscles, and research shows it will decrease strength and power. Also, static stretching prior to activity may actually cause injuries, not prevent them. Although some exceptions apply for very tight muscles, for the most part you should perform static stretching after activity or exercise. If you should stretch, better go through a dynamic stretching routine instead of static one, because bringing the body through a range of motion can actually prepare it for the demands of the exercise session.

6. Spending Too Much Time In The Gym

For beginners, it may seem like you need to spend every waking moment at the gym just to achieve your fitness goal. They go from barely exercising to doing 2 hours every day at the gym. This will most likely lead to burnout. It would be better to start out gradually and give your body rest days. For example if you never exercise, start with 2 days a week and then build up from there. If you want exercise to be part of your routine, remember it is a marathon not a sprint. Plan your gym schedule in a way that you’ll be able to sustain it in your day to day living, instead of treating it like a month or two challenges.  

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Workouts That You Can Do If You Only Have 5 Minutes

Workouts That You Can Do If You Only Have 5 Minutes

We hear this a lot, statements like “I’m too busy for gym” or “With work, kids; I barely get any sleep, let alone spare time to work out”. Yes even if deep down you know the lack of exercise is killing you and that you’d love to do something else outside of work and family that’s healthy at the same time, the fact remains that time flies, not just when having fun, but also when you have a lot to do.

But, wait! Don’t give up yet! Here are some exercises that you can actually squeeze into your hectic schedule. A five minute workout is better than nothing right? And the best thing about these workouts is that you can do them anywhere and you won’t need any fancy gym equipment.

Mountain Climbers

All you have to do is drop on the floor and be on a push up position, contract your abs and then alternately bring you knees closer to the chest. This can really tone your core, especially if you try to speed up your pace.

Split Leg Squats

This is a great exercise to work your glutes, quads, back of your legs, and your calves. To do this, position one foot in front to go down into a lunge. Then switch feet as you jump up with your arms going up as you jump then down as you drop.

Squat Jumps

Make sure you have a good basic squat mechanics before doing squat jumps. From squat, you basically just have to jump it from there. Your landing should be slow and controlled so that your legs will absorb the jump not your joints. Exhale as you jump up, and then inhale as you jump down and use your hands to propel yourself.  While regular squats are great, squat jumps takes the game a notch higher without taking much time but targets your quads just as effectively if not more.


Okay, this looks easy but when get down to it your whole body will swear right along as you sweat! This is a full body exercise that can really get your heart pumping even in just 5 minutes. So this is how you do it:
1.    Squat position
2.    Squat thrust
3.    Push up
4.    Frog jump
5.    Jump squat

Jumping Jacks

We probably all know what jumping jacks are. But, the trick to really reap its benefits is to do it as fast as you can go, then you’d feel the burn after a couple of rounds.