Thursday, 20 April 2017

Top 7 Companies That Excel At Corporate Wellness

Top 7 Companies That Excel At Corporate Wellness

In a perfect world, we all would love where we work and never complain about being too burned out. But we all know that this hardly the case for most people. Majority of employees these days are too stressed out at work where they either drag themselves everyday despite having a constant cough and cold or get scolded for missed days at work due to sickness.

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s any hope out there, lighten up because more and more companies are taking their employees’ health into consideration!

Here are a few companies that are taking the corporate wellness a notch higher.

1.      Fitbit
The best thing about Fitbit’s approach when it comes to their employee’s wellness is that they make it a part of the office culture in general. They strongly motivate people to hit target steps, calories burned, active minutes, distance, and hours of sleep, etc. with the help of Fitbit dashboard with aggregated data to track those.

2.      Houston Methodist
When it comes to keeping patients and employees healthy, this leading Texas medical center isn’t far behind Fitbit. They developed creative competitions and events revolving around steps which allow employees who have hit a certain goal enjoy irresistible prizes. No doubt this tactic is working since even their CEOs are out there and visibly walking with their staff!

3.      Google
This company is extremely invested in finding unique ways to improve the health of its employees. In fact, they house plenty of amenities like ping-pong tables, nap pods and LEGO stations. They can even shower, get their laundry done, get massages, swim, and learn various subjects like kickboxing, parenting, and mindfulness through Googlers-to-Googlers education program.

4.      Motley Fool
Aside from free spinning classes and boot camps to in-house subsidized massages, they also create different challenge or theme to excite staffs into being more active. Sounds basic? Well Motley Fool employees even get free personal training sessions and wellness consultations that

If this company’s name alone doesn’t make you wanna work for them, the fact that their facilities has an organic garden from which employees can snag fruits and vegetables will! They also have wellness program where staff members can swap clothes and household items, the company helps pay for eco-friendly car, and gives $1,000 for those who decides to move closer to the office to reduce carbon footprint.

6.      Zappos
Aside from basic fitness perks like free gym membership, Zappos have a wellness program called Wellness Adventures which gets people to voluntarily be more physically active while having fun. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that actually encourages employees to play an hour-long golf lesson, laser tag or trampolining?

7.      Draper, Inc.
Nothing says healthiest workplace more than participating in a 10-week weight loss challenge, holding an annual health fair, hosting Weight Watchers classes, walking competitions, and Zumba sessions. No wonder they were voted as the healthiest workplace in the United States in 2014 by Healthiest Employers LLC!

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