Thursday, 25 May 2017

Unhealthy Effects Of Your Bad Posture To Your Body And Mind

Who knew that a slouching, which is often seen as laid-back or comfortable position, could do so much damage not just in your body but in your mind as well? Start paying attention to your posture from now on, correct your bad posture habits right away, and save yourself from this health problems in the process!

Worsens Depression
Isn’t it they say that cracking a smile actually helps alter your mood from feeling blue to feeling a bit happier? That’s because body language don’t just affect us physically, but as well as mentally and emotionally. Slouching all the time starts causing back pain or neck pain and since your body is always in pain due to the poor posture, you become irritated, tired, or aggravated most of the time.

Leads To Career Problems
Employees who are always in good posture whether they’re walking, sitting in front of a computer/while talking to a client/during meeting, or even just by standing while waiting for the elevator tend to be more successful. Proper posture makes you look confident not just in your co-worker’s eyes but as well as your boss’ and clients’, therefore you command more respect and trust from them. Slouching, however, makes you look insecure and lazy. This combination is not what you’d like to have at work.

Slows Your Digestive System
Being in crunched position all the time folds your intestines too. This can slow things from digesting your food, absorbing nutrients from those foods, to having a hard time in the loo.  This can lead to digestive issues too like acid reflux and hernia. So you may wanna start sitting up properly to avoid these problems and get rid of those stomach rolls in pictures.

Increases Risks Of Death And Disease
Do you know why they say sitting is the new smoking? That’s because being inactive most of the time combined with poor posture is a deadly combination. Like smoking, it can lead to number of health problems like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. With all those possible illnesses, do not be surprised if your life expectancy dramatically lessens.

It Makes You Appear Heavier Than You Actually Are
Remember those stomach rolls mentioned above? Yes, even if you are not necessarily on the heavier side, constant slouching makes you appear so. Why? Well instead of being stretched out and looking lean which happens when you stand tall or sit properly, that crunched posture folds your body and produces rolls and bulges where you don’t really have.   

Cuts Off Your Circulation
Fluids and gases flows throughout your body constantly. But if you’re seated for extended period of time and is slouching or do it with crossed legs on top of that, it affects that natural flow. Just like how the water in a water hose will have trouble flowing when the hose have a couple of knots. Don’t you notice the rush of blood in your arms or legs after a long time of sitting with your legs crossed or sleeping on your side with your arms tucked under your body or head? That’s because the unnatural position is keeping your blood from freely and easily flowing.

Stresses You Out
Considering that bad posture stresses the spine and the muscles, it won’t be a surprise if you become stressed out too. When your body is stressed, it leads to a chain reaction of mental and emotional stress. This is why you’re grumpy and easily ticked off after a long day at work. Don’t let this be your daily state! Practice good posture whether when sitting, standing, or sleeping so that you become less prone to stress.

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