Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Childhood Stress And Chiropractic Care

Sometimes, the demands of daily living can make us too busy. This results to kids being left to deal with stress on their own. This happens more often than we think and not a lot of kids are able or lucky to manage all the effects of stress without parental guidance which end up affecting them for the rest of their lives.
What Is Stress In The Context Of Childhood?
Stress will always be present in a child’s life, in fact a little of it is necessary for them to develop a lot of life skills. But what’s important is to distinguish the type of stress responses in children so we can help them handle it.
·         Positive Stress Response
This happens during new experiences like first day in school or making friends. This is a healthy kind of stress, but without supportive environment the kid may not be able to learn from them and cope with other life changes.  
·         Tolerable Stress Response
This is the result of more severe and longer-lasting stressors like parent’s divorce or bullying at school. Kids who go through these can turn out to be fine provided that there’s proper support and guidance so they can learn to understand what’s happening.
·         Toxic Stress Response
This can have lasting effect on a child’s development. Incidents like physical or emotional abuse, chronic neglect, parental mental illness, or exposure to violence often result to this stress response especially if there’s no adequate adult support involved.

Common Stressors For Kids Nowadays

·         School
Getting good grades, making friends, fitting in, bullying, the tremendous amount of school work, combine that with a child’s search for self-identity during their teen years are just common reasons why a lot of kids dread school.
·         Family
Ever wonder why kids like to hang out with their friends all the time instead of go home right away after school? Financial troubles, remarriage, separation, family member with mental/physical illness are just some of the reasons why.  
·         Media Stress And Environmental Dangers
This is the reason why it is strongly advised that parents don’t let their kids watch TV or surf the internet unsupervised. They may get scared or become influenced by news or show with sensitive topics like violence or sexual contents.
How Chiropractic Care Can Help In The Following Areas
Chiropractic care may be known for treating musculoskeletal issues but it is also a holistic approach towards overall wellness. Therefore, it definitely can help kids with other areas of their life especially where there’s greater stress.  
·         Spirit
The root premise of chiropractic is that YOU are part of something much bigger than yourself. This way of thinking helps encourage kids to deepen their inner connection to their own spirit.
·         Mind
Chiropractic care corrects subluxation throughout the body to eliminate interference in the body and mind communication. This then promotes harmonious body function and balance.
·         Social

We are a part of a community. When this is instilled with children starting at a young age, they learn to participate, contribute, and balance out their social life. Chiropractic care’s holistic approach on health teaches them to see these things in brighter perspective.

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